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The magic of painting.  Jazz, red and blue.

My paintings survey a ‘sense of place’, and the beauty of a dream irational yet sensible, which have now become an exploration into my own heritage: two worlds have collided.

I am moving through colours like in a dream — a solitary journey through the interior of a world in which the paints and the brushes bring together the imaginary and the spectacular, the poetry and the absurd, fiction and fantasy, in all their possible combinations. A dream on the boundaries of reality, but one that certainly refers to existence that is absolute.

I am eager to explore human emotions: the everyday cracks, the troubling perceptions, the flawed minds, the beauty of imperfection. "Don't be afraid to experiment - not everything has to match", it is said. 

Imperfect is the human perspective. Once you try defining something as 'perfect', someone has a bigger yardstick to measure it. My canvases are endless shores for the vulnerabilities that exist at our edges with realness and a rawness that can feel overwhelming yet comforting at the end of the day. 

Sorin is a member of Artists' Union England and showcases his work at East Lane Business Park, Lumen Road in Wembley HA9 7RE

Private viewings at the studio can be made by appointment only.

Please contact the artist with any queries.



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